Monday, October 25, 2004

Sick Day

Hey all! I took a sick day today. Unfortunately, I didn't get away this weekend to avoid getting infected by my little sister, and even more unfortunately, I managed to pass it on to my boyfriend. Oh, I finally uploaded my newest sketch, check it out at . I've decided that since Rob posts all my drawings on his website anyways, there's really no point in me posting them here. (More plain test posts, yay! Maybe that'll be more inscentive to cure my pic-posting addiction.) Anyways, it's off to school for me tomorrow, so I'm gonna work on some math right now to lighten the load. :) Catch you all later!

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Hey, guess what? Today lisa's friend fried our keyboard by spilling water on it..only I didn't know it, so I went to try and make a post, and all these Q's kept appearing with every letter I type. So, I unplugged it and and tipped it on its side, and all this water poured out. I was like, LISA! You said you cleaned it up! But it was pretty funny. Anyways, here's a sketch I did. My sister Tina wants me to do some sketches for her website, , so yay me! :D

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Pleasant surprise

Guess what? Rob got me the ring to match my necklace. They're sooo beautiful together! (not that one would be unbeautiful alone) Anyways, sorry its a short post, but I have to have lunch before I run into Brandon. Toodles everyone :)
(pukey color today! lol)

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Okay, can I just say I am SO SO SO SO EXTREMELY happy I can sign into things again? I guess someone had changed the internet settings on our computer, because I couldn't sign into my email, or change neopet accounts, or even get into my blog (gasp!) But I fixed it! So it's all good now. Anyways, here's the extremely cute picture of Rob's grandma and I. I was really scared to meet her, because Rob's her favorite grandchild, I was worried she wouldn't think I was good enough for her fave grandkid. But she liked me! And I passed his aunt and uncle's scrutinizing (sbs?) as well. :) Anyways, I can't wait until tomorrow, yahoo!!!

(isn't this disgusting poo color awesome?!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Applied Math

YAY I finally got my correspondance course in! Aaaand it came with 2 CDs of programs I have to learn how to learn, which is so incredibly exciting! Because that means more easy computer work and less hard weird math stuff, like there was last year. Linear algebra graphing and stuff like that. Hmph. Oh well! It's here, so I hope I can get it done quickly, and pass!

Thanksgiving Weekend

So! I met some of Rob's relatives, or at least some from his dad's side. I love his Grandma! I'll post the pic of her and I as soon as he sends it to me. Some parts of the weekend weren't that great at all...but I still love you Rob :) I'm SUPER excited for next weekend (and well this weekend too, since it's the training weekend for CAP so Rob will be in brandon) because if my plans work out, I'll get to go to Breakaway at Prov, and stay the weekend at Rob's, at absolutely NO cost to me!! :D Yup yup, exciting stuff, I know. Anyways, gotta head out to art. (I wonder when my stupid applied math is going to get here?? Not that I mind having a spare, but i mind having less and less time to complete the course!)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Heart Attack

Yeah, so I couldn't remember the name of my image uploader, so I was really scared, thinking my pictures would all be lost and I'd have to find another site. But luckily enough, Rob saved the day ^_^ the site is :) So in commemoration of this happy occasion, I have a wonderful picture to add (but of's almost impossible for me to post without adding a picture. Poor people still with dial-up, lol!)


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ode To My Jones

There it sits,
On my left side
Cream Soda Jones.

Could anything be more perfect?
(Besides me, of course)
Clear, fizzy drink

That makes me burp
After chugging too much
Of its yummyness.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

9 Months Down

Hey! Okay, so just a text post today, no pictures. Today is my boyfriend and my 9 month anniversary! (The grammar on that is correct, just in case you're thinking it sounds funny. 9 months already! Wowzoo! Pretty impressive. 9 months, and I'm more head over heels for this boy than I ever thought I could be. But I guess that's the cool part :) my neopets guild made a really sweet "Happy Anniversary" thing on the front page, since Rob and I are both part of the same guild. Anyways, that should be enough for today. Happy 9 month anniversary, me and Rob! :D

Friday, October 01, 2004

Weird Boyfriend

So! Last post today, I promise. And I'll try to chill with the pictures too, but it's just SO fun! lol anyways, here are a few weird and funny pictures of my boyfriend, Rob. Enjoy!

Rob making a weird face

Rob..being attacked by his hand?

Rob making another funny face

Rob all dressed up. Oops! Wait a second, that's not Rob!!

Us when we're old. Isn't he gonna be such a cute old man??!

Ok well, enough of the pictures now, I promised. At least for a little while ;)
Enough for today!


Aah, I never could have imagined that I'd become an "artsy fartsy freak" if you had told me so at the start of the year. I like drawing! :S Kinda weird, I know.. So here's a couple sketches I've done so far..

For Janna and Brynne

Hey! Despite how much I wish I could've left that AWESOME picture as what you first see when the screen loads, I have some pics I think Janna and Brynne would enjoy. Can't wait to go to Brandon with you guys, it's been SOO long since we've gone all together!