Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dec. 22

Keeping with my posting maniacness, all I can say is YAY! We're heading out to Ste Anne for Christmas, and when we come back Christmas Day, we'll have Ray with us! That's right ladies and gents, we invited Ray to use us as a stopover while he saves up moolah for his own apartment (and because we want to get him out of the icky situation he's in) and he pondered a bit, then agreed! 3 Cheers! What a weird wife I am, eh? Most would be dreading their husbands best friend moving in, at best, or not allowing it at all. Francis is coming back with us too, but not permanently, just to visit for a bit. And since we were kind of forced to host the new year's party for San Francisco, Jocelyn, the man eating shark, will get to meet ray. Pooooor ray.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Welcome, to my first of two days off in what, six days? AND what's more awesome is that now that it's fer sure that Stacy can still work (it was kinda iffy, since she had nowhere to live after a domestic violence issue with her bf..she came in yesterday but wouldn't take off her big shades, so I'm assuming she's still a little black and blue) ANYways, because I took her Saturday to cover for her (which was actually supposed to be my day off) she's taking this Sunday for me. Meaning I can go to the Choir's final performance, whoot whoot!! I can go to the "emergency practice" they called tomorrow, and on saturday before I head to work, and now sunday as well! It's so sweet! Anyways, I'm gonna go have cake and play with binx, maybe watch maury or something..:P then Rob and I are going Christmas shopping when he gets home. Wheee!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, here I am. Still alive and kicking.Life is kinda rocky right now because of the internal workings at San Fran, but other than that nothing to complain about. Just that a girl got fired because she started going out with the guy the manager wanted. Sucky, eh? But then again, the manager is just unnice. Turns out the longest she's had a staffer was a year, after that the longest is 5 months. What does that tell ya? Anyways, so CJ, the girl she fired, is talking to the district and regional managers on monday, and the labor board on tuesday. Some of you might remember CJ (aka Carley-Jane) from drama a couple years ago, Bye Bye Birdie. Anyways, not important. What is important is the time, I have to go get ready, cuz Colleen (nother worker) asked me to pick her up on my way to work, since we're both on the same shift today. Toodles for now!