Friday, June 30, 2006


Pretty pink...Sorry for unposting for so long, but I wanted to be sure someone saw that post. Not that it matters, I guess, not a single comment since I posted last! Tsk tsk people. I'm close to feeling unloved here. Anyways, for more eventful matters, I just finished a four day stint at the transit center, covering for the full time girl since her father-in-law passed away. I'm NEVER IN MY LIFE doing that again. Sure, I just made loads of moolah, but at the price of my sanity? Slightly not worth it. I want to bang some pots around and make myself some supper, but Rob's napping on the couch. And I want to eat that cake he brought home from work, but not before I have something more healthy and filling in my belly. Belly. Belly. See what I mean about sanity? Gone? Really, honestly, one day a week is good enough for me. Even then, after 40 hours in 4 days in that tiny little corner has totally changed how I see that place. It feels more like home than home does, after a stint like that. I don't know how the full time girl does it! It totally sucks to work late, have a couple hours, then have to go to bed early because you have to get up early and do it all over again. I'm gonna go take some tylenol. Maybe it'll take my mind off the cake. Belly. Belly.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sad Event

It is with a heavy heart I report that the last relic I brought back with me from Belize has now gone missing. When in Belize, I'd bought 2 necklaces-after losing the first one within a year, I made sure I took special care of the second. Unfortunately, I guess that wasn't enough, and now it's gone. Sigh. It was last seen in my bathroom approx. 2 weeks ago. Here's a picture of it -should anyone have any info on its whereabouts. Anyways, that's all.
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Friday, June 09, 2006


Yeah, so since Rob's white car died, we (duh) had to buy a new car. We ended up finding a steal of a deal, and eventually got a 2001 silver chevy cavalier. Niiiiiice car, and it's so new! It's the newest car rob and I have ever had :P lol anyways, needless to say Rob is very excited about his new baby. I encourage you to look up a pic on google, surprisingly enough Rob hasn't put the pictures he took onto his computer yet, otherwise I'd share them. Anyways, that's all thats new. Go see the Omen! Scarey beyond words!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Wow FINALLY!! Tomorrow, I have a day off!! Since I got called in to work on my last day off, I've worked 9 days straight, 3 of which have been 10 hour shifts. So tomorrow, I have a whole day!!! OH I'm just so happy. And tired. I'm like...limp, I'm just so overworked and relieved to have even just one day. Then I work wed, then I have 2 days off! That's right! In a row! And then on Sunday, Rob's taking me to the fair and we're getting one of those old time like photos done :D (yay! I love them!) then going to Mom's grad. Whee!