Monday, August 31, 2009


Ok, so my last post was about 2 things: Tina and Cody, and our househunting.

As far as the first goes, you've probably heard by now that Tina and Cody have decided to get a divorce. Cody has moved out back to his parent's in Strath for now, and will either take a job locally, or is looking into a restaurant gig of some sorts in eastern Canada.
Tina is moving into a house with a friend, who consequently just lost his place as well, so is buying a house where Tina is to be his tenant. Last I heard, she'll be teaching spanish classes in Brandon for another year at least, and then might look at moving to Vancouver.
They've already managed to find a buyer for their trailer, I'm not sure who is getting to keep the car they just bought.

Lisa graduates in a year, and has been looking at taking the Web Design program at the College here in Prince George. Rob and I have offered her a place to stay if that's what she chooses, and it works out especially well now.

The offer we put on a house yesterday has been accepted (after mucho bartering) and we go down to sign the final papers after Rob gets off work today. It's VERY exciting for several reasons: It's in an extremely high end, up-scale neighborhood, just being where it is increases its value. The price we got it for is a steal, when compared to how much it would be worth with some cosmetic repairs. It has absolutely everything we wanted in a home (fenced yard for binx, deck, finished basement, close to schools, etc) . Not to mention being walking distance to the college, and has a separate entrance to the basement, perfect for a young student, n'est pas?

I was very upset when someone beat us to the house on Kenworth St, when we called to put an offer on it, they had just accepted an offer. Well, we got this place for 1k cheaper, isn't 10 mins out of town, and is over 600 square feet larger.

Sarah veddy, veddy happy girl.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Keep Tina & Cody in your prayers. It's not my place to say why, or explain their situation lest it feel like gossip, but please, really keep them in your prayers for the next couple weeks as they have some tough decisions to make.

Mind you, what part of life doesn't involve tough decisions?

We're house-searching quite a bit more serious now, we were thaaaat close to putting an offer on one (decided in the end it was best to let it pass) Please keep us in your prayers as well, that we'll find a house suitable to start a family, within our price range and that everything will go smoothly when we find "the one".