Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, the renovations continue.. well we did considerably more packing/unpacking there for a bit. But we're completely "moved" now, not a single thing is left at the old place. Ok well, a single thing - the fish tank. But we're putting that off as long as possible! Gonna be a heckuva job.

Work continues on the kitchen-the appliances are in, but Rob needs a couple parts to get the dishwasher hooked up and running. I think after making him do two loads by hand, it's moved up on his priorety list. ;)

Fence is almost finished (or will be by the time I'm done work today) Rob got the last posts he needed, is building the gate, etc. Then thats it for outside work - anything left can be done over winter at our leisure.
Which isn't much; from our firstfirstfirst to do list, all thats left is:
1) Fence

2) Kitchen floors
3) Kitchen Table

4) Island
5) Paint green room
6) Paint blue room
7) Washing machine

Now, #1 and #4 can pretty much be crossed off, as they are Rob's projects and virtually complete at this point. Rob put the island countertop on the other day, just needs the finishing touches on the top, he put the trim on last night.

#2, kitchen floors. We were going to replace with some nice chocolate colored laminate wood, but I dont know's just missing a small chunk under the kitchen table (like they were a couple planks short) and there was the hole where the woodstove used to be that got a "Dadfix". If we are able to match exactly what is there, Rob will just tear it all up, and do it back to fix where needed. OR, we'll buy new stuff..havent decided yet, but like I said, can be done during the winter. Its in perfectly good shape, just a little ugly in spots lol.

#3, kitchen table. We NEED to make Sarah happy. Even though its just me & Rob right now, our kitchen table is a black card table and 2 folding chairs lol. We left our nice wooden kitchen table & chairs in MB when we moved, and didnt have room for a set when we moved here. We went to Jysk yesterday to buy a set we liked, but they didnt have any in stock, so we said screw it we'll find another set we like. So today Rollie and I are heading to the Brick and around to scope out more.

#5 and #6, paint green and blue rooms. Will probably be put off until very last, as its an absolute non-necessity, just for asthetics. Although between the two , the green room is definetly first! Serving as Rob's computer room, "the green room" is called thus due to its hideous, snot-green wall color. Not kidding at all either, its like the inside of a sick kid's nostrils in there.
The blue room is not my choice of color either - baby blue (not too bad , right?) except they did everything baby blue ; the walls, the ceilings, the baseboards, I'm surprised the carpet isn't baby blue as well!

#7, washing machine. We're picking it up on monday, easy peasy. We already had a fridge and dryer when we moved here, and Bob and Rollie gave us their stove and dishwasher as a housewarming gift (and Rollie replaced them with stainless steel to complete her kitchen set, lol)
Other than that, we need a couple more "details" (area rug in the livingroom ) but thats it.

I bought my first plant yesterday, yay! Well I guess its not my first...I had a cactus in Brandon, but I killed it. :( This is my first try since.


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