Monday, May 03, 2010

What's New, Pussycat?

So , since that last post, we almost put an offer one one house, then found out it had (expensive) plumbing issues. So stayed away from that one. Then we put an offer on another, it looked a house inspection done on it, like we always do. Which was SO good that we did, it turned out that the foundation was so bad, the house could collapse at any minute. =/ So needless to say we RAN from that one.
We've looked at more, and looked at more..went to see one on Saturday, and absolutely fell in love; looked like it could have been another "the one" (we've found a couple perfect ones but something always happpens/turns out to be ungood) So the next day, Sunday, we went to look at it again online and..the listing was gone! So we called our realtor, Denis, and he did some sleuthing. He found out the listing had just expired, and the seller WILL be listing it again. Whew! So we'll have to jump on that as soon as he relists ; since it will show it as a "new listing" (even tho its an old listing just being put up a second time) so people might take notice this time around.

In other news, I'm at a temporary posting for 7 weeks, and tomorrow is the end of week 4. More than halfway done, woot! Don't get me wrong, its not like Im absolutely miserable, but its not one of my favoriter programs either. And the shifts suck--I alternate, a week of day shifts, then a week of evning shifts; day shifts start at 630 am (yuckew way too early) and evening shifts are 230-1030, so unless you get up at 630, you dont get a full day to yourself before work.

I'm responsible for taking care of 3 guys with mental disabilities in this program, which I find kind of funny. I can run a household sooo efficiently at work, yet come home and be like "Ug housework" Kind of makes sense, if you do 3 loads of laundry at work, you dont want to come home and do more..but some days I really have to force myself to get it done. =/

Well I'd better head to bed, tomorrow's my friday, but that doesnt change the fact that I still have to get up at six freaking thirty. Blah.


Blogger Allison said...

Hey girl! Sounds like everything is going good for you out in P.G., too bad we miss you so much in MB!

4:39 AM  
Blogger Big Mac mama said...

Well the inlaws are actually on their way to Grand Prarie right now, Bob's been laid off for almost a year now, and there's a prospective job for him there. If they move away, you can bet I'll be working on convincing Rob to move back to MB!

8:51 AM  

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