Thursday, November 05, 2009


Sooo, not much new in my neck of the woods. The temporary posting I'd been working for a couple months ran out, so I'm back to being a plain old relief worker, working whatever they give me. And unfortunately, no one takes vacations in November, so I haven't worked in 6 days. Tonight I had a last minute 4 hour shift, but other than if people call in sick, I have nothing scheduled ahead of time this month. =/
Good thing tomorrow is payday, from my last two weeks of full time work at that temp place. That will be enough to top up my savings to make up half the cost of my Medical Transcriptionist course; Rob said if I saved up half, then he'd pay the other half. Yay! It'll FINALLY be happening-goodness knows I've said "Oh I'm gonna do it" enough times, and it never seems to happen.
Anywho, I'm gonna go play my game now. I've been on the comp for like, 3 days in a row now..Rob and I bought Dragon Age Origins, which just came out..we'd had it preordered and payed for months ago. It's SO AMAZING. I just do my basic housework to get by each day, and then its gametime for me!! I'm so horrible >_<
But waddya gonna do. I've been jobsearching for months, and applying everywhere that looks even remotely doable, but it seems everyone's buckling down not only for the winter, but also due to that economy scare stuff. Hopefully something will work out soon though, I want to pull my weight. Sure, being casual and working next to nothing would be nice if I was doing my course right now, but it's not fair to Rob to bear the responsibility of paying all our bills, saving for a house, and whatnot. It leaves absolutely NO fun money.
Anyways, game's calling me. Toodles.


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