Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok, so I havnt posted since May, and it had been a lifetime since my last post before that. Maybe I should start posting again? Sheesh. I am absolutely horrible at keeping in touch with people, even my family (how bad is that?) so maybe if i find the time periodically to do a quick post of what I'm up to, they'll be able to keep in the loop that way.
So, I've been living in Prince George, BC for about half a year now. In about the second month, I did a short stint working at Mariposa, a clothing store, but it was a horrible environment, so I quit after about a month. Was unemployed again for a while, then found a job I absolutely love-I work at the local Salvation Army thrift store. Its only part time, $9/hour, but the work is easy and fun, and the ladies are great.

With that being said, I've gone for two interviews at an Optometrist clinic, for the Assistant position-the one that does all the preliminary tests and such. The work sounds repeditive and tedious, the girls that work there strike me as snobby, but the pay would be better, with more hours than I'm getting now.
If I get offered the position, what do I do? Do I give up a job I enjoy for a job with better pay and I title I can be proud of?

Well, enough work worries. We fly to Winnipeg in three weeks from now, and I couldn't be more excited!! I commented to Rob last night, that when we lived in Brandon, I took for granted that I saw Tina every other day, and my parents every week. Everyone lived so close to me, and I thought nothing of it. We'll be there for 5 days, cuz thats about all the time off from work we could squeeze, but I have a feeling I wont want to get back on that plane after 5 days is up. As it is, the "adventure" of living in BC has worn off, and I find myself very homesick more days than not. Rob's parents have been absolutely wonderful, his mom in particular, but they're not the same as having my family around.
I don't think I would be so homesick if I had been able to make some friends. Kind of my fault, kind of not; In Brandon, I met people through work, and through church, thats how I made friends. But here, all the women I work with are 40 or up, and the church is like strath (no offence) but all old people. Dont get me wrong, thats why I love it, it feels homey, but where else does that leave for me to meet people my age?
Enough complaining. Feels good to get all that off my chest though. Rob's loving it here, he loves the scenery, and of course his family is right here so he's got nothing to miss-I think he'd feel offended if he knew I wasnt as in love with the place as he is.
Well, time to go enjoy my day off and quit moping.


Blogger Allison said...

Hi Hon!
It's so good to read a post from you! I hope things get better for you-our prayers are behind you, keeping you tough and strong. I'm excited that you get to go home for Christmas! That makes me happy for you. We miss you.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Big Mac mama said...

I'm happy you still check my blog, Al! You've been so good at trying to keep in touch, and I've been so rotten, and for that I apologise. Thanks for your prayers, I'm feeling more positive now that our trip is getting closer. *Virtual hug*!!

12:03 AM  
Blogger The_Phat_Kid said...

yay for posting! we should all do it more. it was so good to see you when you were here. miss you ladies SO much!!!

9:53 PM  

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