Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stuffs aka Life

Ok so! First things first. Ellen my manager @ San Fran? Fired. Turns out the deposits weren't always depositing. And, now that we're managerless for a bit, Steph put in her two weeks notice and has stopped coming in for her shifts for the duration of her last weeks. So we're scrambling to cover her shifts. Except now Jodi is pulling crap, not showing up, not showing up. etc etc. So Roberta and I are busy trying to cover HER shifts too! SO I called Athena the District Manager and told her bluntly, " Roberta and I are getting stressed, its just the two of us running the store. Can we hire someone?" And she said we could! So I called some people who had left resumes, I did one interview today and I have three more scheduled for tomorrow. Cool, n'est pas? Me! I did an interview, like an important person.
On another note, I went to XFest yesterday, and saw Default live, woot woot! Pictures will be up on my facebook hopfully soon, as soon as Jen emails them to me lol when Christie heard I was going she offered to hook up so we could mosh together, that was nice. I didnt end up moshing though, but minor technicality. I have a newfound appreciation for Default. Like, hearing Count on Me on the radio, when he hit that high note, could just give me shivers. Hearing it in person, and seeing it? His voice is JUST as good in person, its wicked awesome! Anyways, signing off now Rob wants to watch a movie or something =)


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I heart you.

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