Saturday, May 05, 2007


Yeah, don't be too impressed, I copied and pasted =P So yeah, still no job yet, aaug! I went for an interview last week and had my fingers crossed for it, but they called yesterday to tell me they picked someone else. They'd like to keep my resume on file though, blah blah, yeah. So! Since I'm at transit today (covering for Linda) and saturdays are supposedly the slowest, I'm going to remake my resume (I got a new lappy at transit, but they didnt save any of our files) and apply apply apply. Dont know why I even bother, the hospitals not going to hire me. Tina said it's because I'm not mean enough. I can be mean, I can be ruthless! Ok, so maybe not. But I can growl ..? That might scare people more than me being mean.
Anyways, moving on! what, I don't know, because that's pretty much all thats thats going on lately. Oh! We (Tina, Cody, Rob and I) Have been exercising together lately, its pretty cool! Every other night or so we'll pack up the bikes and drive down to the walking/biking trails and cruise around...we're planning on returning to the Y again too, only with Cody and Rob this time too (before it was just tina and I going) Hopefully since ALL of us are involved, we'll stick with it. Every single one of us has said that they're actually getting ..addicted? to exercising? Not really the right word, but I mean..due to scheduling, we skipped two days, and are going biking again on Sunday. Well, the first night Rob and I took the dog for a walk, and on the second day, Tina and I took the stairs at the hospital (4 floors! Urg!) and then I went for a walk in the evening. I'm feeling really good about this!
Oh yeah, my uncle Doonzy (aka Uncle Eldin) is in the hospital, not only did his Crones(?) flare up, but they discovered a colon tumor , so we brought him a card yesterday.
Anyways, back to my book!!


Blogger Allison said...

Yay for you guys...yah, I've been on my healthy eating (haven't touched a dessert) for two weeks and cardio everyday except Saturday when I do strength training and I've already noticed a difference. It's awesome...I bet you look grrrreat! And fingers are crossed about the job thing.

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