Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bad Morning

Well, I called Ellen last night to tell her I was sick, so today is my first official sick day since I started working at San Fran. What a crappy morning.

Ellen called and said I'm demoted.

Apparently because Roberta is so dependable (and why wouldnt she be, san fran is her only job) Ellen discussed it with the DM and has decided to up Roberta to Assistant Manager. My position. I guess because I need mon and tues off for transit and now Sat mornings for my course, she just said, "Oh, well that's the last straw, Sarah's never here"? Of course Roberta is her right hand, she takes all the hours she can get because she loves to drink. LOVES to drink and go to the bar. So, she works lots to make up for it. She said on the phone though, that
"She has decided that she's going to up her to Assistant manager, if its alright with me. "

WHAAA? What do you expect me to say? Yeah sure, I'll willingly give up my position for her, who cares if it screws up my resumé, who cares that I've been here twice as long, who cares that I TRAINED her? I don't mind? She figures that since I'm looking for another job anyways, I'll be gone soon, so why not. Should I quit? I mean, I can't do it! I can't work UNDER Roberta, I just can't! It was different when Ellen was hired-sure when she came I'd been there half a year already, but she came in as the Manager. I saw Roberta get hired, I trained her, I've worked with her. I can NOT work under her. I just can't.

Well, I guess that seals the deal. I have an interview on tues at a little thrift store for the Manager position. It's run by a Christian organization, so they want someone who's a Christian and has managerial experience. When I dropped off my resume, I had second thoughts about if I wanted to work there or not. Now, it looks like a door's been shut and that's the window.

I'd better ace that interview.


Blogger The_Phat_Kid said...

sarah! i will so pray for your interview! i hope this all gets worked out - that sucks alot. way to see the bright side of things tho, with this interview. As I said i will pray!!!

4:14 PM  
Blogger Brynne said...

I just realized that your interview was yesterday! How do you think it went? I hope it went well.

2:31 PM  

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