Friday, December 22, 2006

Good Bad day

So!This is probably the worst best day ever, or the best bad day. Either way! Work was H E Double hockey sticks, like I knew it would be. But before work dad, lisa and I went out for lunch, then lisa and I cruised the mall, then dad told me he and mom were matching what I was paying for my course. So far so good! And Rob let me get that 10 for $10 from Icings, so I got some new earrings and hair pretties to perk me up. Work though...Honestly was the most stressful and busy day I have ever had at San Fran EVER. I mean, last year halloween was rough, when Colleen and I did nothing but ring people through for like 6 hours straight. This on the other hand, was people needing to know prices, and oh can you get that picture down for me, and oh can you put batteries in this so I can see what it does? UUURg. And roberta was going out tonight since it's friday, so I let her go @ 8:30 even though she was scheduled till 9. And Ellen was gone at like 3, because her bf got fired yesterday and she had stuff to figure out etc. Tina brought over the presents from her and cody tonight, since cody has to work boxing day and that was the day we're going to strath to do my side..I got an awesomely gorgeous sweater..makes my boobs look good LOL. That makes three sweaters for christmas so far, which is pretty much all I wanted tee hee. Sorry. No teeheeing . I've had like 3 rock stars in the span of 8 hours just to keep going, and I popped some tylenols at about 6..I think they're finally meeting. For the past 4 days I've popped a couple xtra strengths half way through my shft, cuz of killer headaches..I tell myself its the stress, which I really hope it is. Anyways, cant concentrate on my music while I'm writing. Rob downloaded the new Evanescence CD for me *huge grin* Anyways, we leave for Ste. Anne bright and early tomorrow morning, meaning I probably won't post till after Christmas, as they only have (ech) dial up there heehee. So, merry Christmas to all!!!


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Merry Christmas to you too, my lovely

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