Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Freaky Deaky

So I'm here @ Transit, surfing for Christmas sheet music (so I can have it learned by Christmas) and I'm pulling my hair out. I remember like two years ago, I stumbled onto a website. It was made by a woman (with basketloads of talent) who took traditional Christmas songs and gave them her own twist. I remember I'd learned and performed one, two years back, and remembed the amazing quality. So, I wanted to find it again. Unfortunately, nothing I searched brought it up. I was getting desperate. "Woman who adds to Christmas songs on the piano for daughters" . Nothing. Anyways, completely discouraged after two hours of searching, I gave up and decided I'd have to learn regular old christmas songs. Looked at a few pages, nothing I liked, then I was reading a list on one page, and it said "clicking this link will open a new window on the Sally Deford website." WAAAAAH? CLICK!! That was the name that had been bouncing around in my head but I couldn't quite remember. So! I found the website. Cool or what? I plan on not only relearning the song I did 2 years ago (RElearning isn't too difficult.) as well as learning a new one. So beautiful and haunting!
Listen to the mp3, it'll blow you away. Anyways, those are my musical aspirations. We'll see if they get learnt once the drama and choir practices start up. Cross your fingers and toes for me. Spanks.


Blogger Allison said...

all fingers and toes are crossed!

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