Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life is Exciting

Things I'm excited for:

1) Neverwinter Nights 2-The sequel to one of the best games on Earth, Rob and I are going to play it together-he plans on being a Wizard, (he always is, as he loves the magic) and I'm going to be a Paladin, to balance him out and be the fighting half. It's going to be very fun ^_^
2) Thursday, day off!! Not only do Tina and I have plans, (since I havn't seen her in FOREVER!) but Rob also has the day off too, so when I'm done playing AOE2 or whatever @ Tina's, I have time to actually spend with Rob.
3) Not this weekend but the one after, I have a training session at 10..I'd applied to work the elections, as you make like 100? 200? a day? It'll be awesome. But that's not why I'm excited. We (as in a big group, Rob's buddies from work, Francis, a girl from San Fran, and I) are all going to the bar, probably Houston's but it depends, apparantly there's all old ppl there on sat.
4) Getting out of San Fran. Doggonit, I am so determined to get out of there now, I've just had enough. I spent a couple hours looking at job sites, sending out resumes..doubt I'll get anything for a while, but hey. If I got offered a job tomorrow, screw the fact that I'd be leaving right before the Halloween rush. I should have left a long time ago.
5) Halloween. Yes, Halloween excites me! Last year we'd just got married, honeymooned, we had no money to decorate for Halloween. But this year! Boo yeah, Rob's letting me, and he's been quite a dear when every other day I come home with something else to add to our growing pile. We still havn't worked the kinks out of what to do for our Halloween party-he's checking into details about renting the hall beneath Cezary's place, then we'll see..
6) I actually found that library book that I'd lost! Yay, now I don't have to pay for it, tra lala la!

7) Warm feet. Yesterday was quite mild, and as I put my shoes on to go to work, I thought, Hey, I'd better bring my sandals, I know my feet are going to get hot and stinky. So I brought my sandals, and threw them on as soon as I got to work. Wore my sandals home, and forgot my shoes at work. And as I was walking away from the building towards my car, I thought about my forgotten shoes, didn't want to go back, but I remember thinking, Just you watch, tomorrow it will rain and all I'll have is my sandals. rain, but frost. My poor little frozen toes! Needless to say, I threw my shoes on when I got to work. Stinky? That's nothing, as long as they're warm.
8) The day Norm retires. I will rejoice. I hate that man.

So, I think I'll leave you on that spiteful little note. Have a splendiferous day!


Blogger Allison said...

I hope you get a job you like better dear! All fingers are crossed...and I hate cold feet also. And mine are always cold!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Brynne said...

Whee! Yay for partying with old ppl!

2:21 PM  
Blogger cassie trumbley said...

yeah how long have you been working there anyway? seems like such a long time.

5:30 PM  

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