Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ok well I'll make this snappy, this laptop at work I swear is the devil incarnate and loves to shut down just when I'm doing something long and important. No pic of my tattoo (that's because I'm posting from work). Kinda snucks, I guess I didn't wash it enough when I first got it and I guess it got infected? Because the base of the ankh is ..scaley, almost, and a more faded greyish. Scaley in the texture of the coloring, not actual I-can-feel scales. Anyways, umm work work work, that's all I do..my only day off this week between my 2 jobs is thursday, on which I have a union meeting. Blarg. I'm addicted to Oblivion. Awesomest game, look it up, buy it. Only problem is it takes an amazing computer to run it (or an XBox 360, which is the one thing I will never in my life buy-it's no different than a plain XBox, yet the plain xbox games won't run on a 360, or vice versa..so to get the cool new games like Oblivion, people are forced to buy the 360 even when they have a perfectly good xbox. I refuse.) ANYWAYS! Takes an amazing computer to run-Rob's comp is good enough, when all the settings are set on the lowest of lows, but my comp isn't good enough to run it at all. So! Rob and I are forced to share the computer, which is really really hard when we both want to play is nonstop. "Comon, my turn! You've been on there for 3 hours!" "Well, I only got 2 hours last time before you kicked me off, give me another hour." Wow. We sound like children. Anyways,...just killing time. I'm soooo bored. Only 8 hours and 19 minutes to go!!.. Urg. I wanna go home. Aaaaah, and I have to get up early tomorrow again, wahhh! I open SanFran tomorrow. I hate working. Work sucks. I know. Shhh. Who said that? I did. I'm losing my mind. Only 8 hours and 16 minutes to go.


Blogger axana said...

Ah, like Cody says: Work sucks. Work bites. Work blows. God, thank you for blessing me with work.

Great saying, keeps it in perspective - at least you're physically and mentally capable of having a job.

Shh, who said that. I did.
HEHEHEHEE i love it.

3:17 AM  

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