Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas is here!

Okay so it's not..I'm just feeling very festive because I've been listening to Christmas songs here @ work, then on my break went to A buck or two and looked at the decorations they just got in, and I've started decorating my house already, and we have our lights all up and MAN do they look good..we only had two strands last year, so this year we got two more, and changed the color..last year they were just your basic yellowish white bulb, so we bought a whole bunch of red and green ones and alternated, we have a couple spotlights on the front of the house, a red and blue one I think..wonder why Rob didn't set up the green spot instead of the blue..hmm I'll have to ask him that. Anyways, so I've been looking at group sheet music because my instrumental group @ church is needing song ideas because the music they ordered through Lighthouse still hasn't come in..our group is called Suite Praise, isn't that swanky? I never could have come up with that. There's really no point to this post, I'm just bored..the day has gone by surprisingly fast so far, but I feel like it's slowed to a crawl now. Only 2 hours till I can start cashing out, w00t! I finished my book like 2 hours ago, so I've just been surfing since then, but I don't feel like reading my backup book (the one I have in my bag as a spare in case I should finish my current book while at work.) I felt like reading it when I put it in my bag, but that was like 2 weeks ago, I don't feel so much like it now. Oh, my dieting is going good! I havn't seen any actual weightloss yet, but the only chocolate I've had since i started has been two reese cups . In a week?! I used to be eating anywhere from 200-4000!! Calories a day just in chocolate alone. I'm doing pretty dang good. And Rob bought me a whiteboard so that I can keep track every day of my total calories, if I exercised (so far not doing too hot on that one. Ok, doing freezing.) and if I've drank enough water. Not only does it stop me from eating more once I've reached a certain amount of calories, but it also makes me see where a lot of my calories were coming from. Example: Breakfast, two pieces of toast. To cover both in :Peanut butter=370. Cheese wiz=180! One simple switch cuts my breakfast calories in half. The only problem with my system is at the end of the night when I go to record everything, I'm like, crap! I've had almost no water today! So then I try to cram my day's worth of water in , an hour before I go to bed. I havn't slept through the night in how many now..? lol. Also, I have a VERY sore throat, and pop like diet coke, helps it feel better-the bubbles feel good. But if I'm drinking pop, I'm not drinking my water. And stuff like coke and pepsi are actually dehydrants. Snucks. Anyways, sorry about this second massive post. Only an hour and a half, yay!


Blogger Brynne said...

Get some of that sparkling flavored water from Safeway! It tastes great, only like 2 calories per 1L bottle, it's water, and it has bubbles.

8:31 PM  
Blogger cassie trumbley said...

i love anything with bubbles in it.

but seriously sarah.
youre awesome.
i miss you so much man....
but i love reading your posts
about the stuff youre doing,
youre so cool,
and usually about people
dieting and stuff,
i'm like, aw, lets all have some cake.
but its also sooo a health issue,
and i want you to be happy and feel the goodness,
you know.
healthy goodness.
soi'm way way proud of you,
and youre brave and cool
and awesome
and will do SO well
you are rad
and i heart you.
the end.
by the way,
eat bananas.
they feel more filling than other fruit,
and super good for you.
thats my
little wisdom nugget.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Big Mac mama said...

It was a tossup, but I got some crystal light..it's more like juice than water, but same principal :) And thank you Cassie ^_^ I love your comments, you, and bananas. Rob bought me some yesterday lol!

5:15 PM  

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