Thursday, December 14, 2006


News most excellent! I, Sarah Meush, will be returning to the educational journey. I will be enrolling in a Medical Terminalogy (MT) Certification course (MT lvls 1 & 2), starting January 13th. It runs for 10 weeks on Saturdays, 9-12 in the morning. The nice thing about it is that not only can I still work while taking it because it's only one short session a week, but it almost guarantees me a secretary or clerk position after completion, as EVERY one of those positions require the completion of that course. The only down side is the cost - $500 buckaroos. Which might not sound like a lot to some people, but when it's out of your own pocket, trust me .. it hurts. But Rob is amazing enough to sacrifice most of our Christmas money so that I can take it. Luckily we have all of our presents bought already, minus ours to eachother lol. I guess this is technically his present to me. Anyways, SO excited!! This combined with my clerical experience from transit will almost guarantee me a position after I finish it. And since the lowest wage starts at $12 an hour, I will be making as much as Rob. That will double my income! Oh, it shall be wonderful. :)


Blogger Allison said...

Yay, yay and yay!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Brynne said...

So exiting! I'm tres excited for you!

6:44 PM  
Blogger Brynne said...

I meant to say happy for you, but my brain was going "Exciting exciting exciting!"

Even though I totally misspelled it the first time.


6:45 PM  
Blogger axana said...

Sarah, I am proud of you. And of Rob for letting you do this (with half his money) :).

8:22 PM  
Blogger The_Phat_Kid said...

i am so glad you are going back to school! excellent idea. i am pumped to see you soon!

8:52 PM  

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