Monday, January 29, 2007

Job Hunting

So, I got that manager position.

And I turned it down.

Like I was afraid of, because they're a non-profit organization, they couldn't afford to pay me squat. They offered me 300 a month, and basically said, Advertise your butt off, because if you make the store make money, we'll be able to afford to pay you more.

So, here I am, still at transit, which isn't so bad but I keep messing up the cashouts which is frustrating because I rock at cashouts at San Fran I just can't seem to consistantly nail them here which makes me feel stupid and makes them email me every time I mess up. So thats that.

And San Fran, well you all know I've been demoted. And yeah the day after I found out, I had to work like 4 hours with Roberta, and I'll be honest. I have never felt that awkward around her. Second day and ever since has been cool, it doesn't feel weird any more, but I DO feel weird around Ellen. Like I resent her for taking my position, its like she did it to kind of encourage me to leave..I get the vibe that she doesnt want me in her store any more, but has no valid reason to fire me. That being said, it makes my decision to ride it out until I finish my course all the more difficult.

I've been applying at the hospital for various clerk and secretary positions, just noting that I'm currently enrolled in this course..nothing so far though. I'm worried that if I don't snag one, you know, on the basis of finishing the course and getting the certification, that if I don't get one by the time this course is done, there's going to be a dozen other women newly certified, older and probably with more secretarial experience. Hopfully I'm just worrying for nothing. But I do worry lol.

So far I've been doing good though, 88% on both my quizes, and I feel good about this last one I just wrote. We'll see how I do on the midterm though :S lol I felt like I was back in high school last week, we were taking cells, and everything in them like mitochondria, lisosomes and ribosomes and all that fun junk. Made my brain cry.

Anyways, apologies for the long post..I havn't posted in forever because Rob bought World Of Warcraft (I'm sure you've all heard of it, shame shame if you havn't) and it is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY addicting. It's online, and because Ray, Tina, and Cody all have it as well, we're all able to play with eachother and help eachother out..its pretty awesome. It's not like Warcraft one, two or three, those games were all like, build buildings to build armies, then go wipe out your enemy. World of Warcraft, you have one person; your character. You run around killing things (sounds horrible, i know, but they're baddies) you also can do quests which get you rewards, you can have special skills that allow you to make special items,..its amazing, to say the least. Anyways, I'd better not get started, cuz if I get the ball rolling, this post will end up twice as long and twice as boring for you, the poor reader. Alllll that typing to say, hey, I'm fine, I'm alive. Yikes. I'm going to go watch the Pink Panther on my portable DVD player, woot. (I'm at transit, btw. I don't watch movies on my little player at home, just so ya know.)

The End!


Blogger Allison said...

Glad to hear you're still alive! Good luck with your job hunting, my dear!

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