Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hey, this is what I do at work!

Ok yes, I'm at work, but the guy I'm with is napping, and we have an hour and a half to spend at the mall, so if he sleeps for another 10 minutes, no biggie.

SO! About our househunting struggle. Turns out, we had to let that Elkhorn st house deal fall through, after asking for an extension.. because I'm listed as "Casual" at AimHi, despite working 40 hours a week, because there's no guarantee I'll continue working 40/week (I just work whatever they have available for me) the bank couldn't count on my income, so we weren't able to do it.

So, we've been working with a mortgage broker, who's trying to get us approved off just Rob's income now, and although it's not ideal, it seems to be working out a little better. We've been looking at a different place, this is a little farther north of PG than I'd originally wanted, but its only a 10 min drive to the outskirts of "the bowl" main part of PG, and it's like maybe 2 mins from the "hart" (upper hill area) shopping area, which has a tims, mcdonalds, grocery chain, library, etcetcetc. so it's not like we'd have to commute just for a bag of chips, or whatever.

It's on 5 acres (which makes Rob swoon) and although it needs considerable repairs to the roof, it's such a big, beautiful character home it makes me drool. So Rob's swoony, and I'm drooly.
Makes me happy we didn't get the elkhorn place, really. And I'd thought THAT one was the one.

Anyways, this new place we've got our eye on is a court ordered sale, so if we can lowball them enough, if they're anxious enough to get rid of the place, we'll have enough of our downpayment to fix the roof. Then, voila!

OK well..I'd better get off my butt and go shopping lol. Siiigh the things I have to do for my job lol!


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