Thursday, March 05, 2009


Thats right, time for an update! Long overdue, I think.

Where to start! Well, I'm still currently working for the Salvation Army- I've been there long enough to be considered part of the "old store girls". Last month we opened a second thrift store on the other side of town, and of course had to hire a bunch of women to work at that one, therfore they are considered the "new" girls.

Out of the blue I got a call from a pet store down the street, wanting me to come for an interview (I applied there waaay back in what, september??) but they'd have to offer me quite a bit of an pay raise to make me leave the spot I've earned on the team at the old store.
Either way though, I have to work for a couple more months until I can take my schooling. Having just bought a new car (we needed a second one, since we sold mine before moving to BC) it just wasnt quite feasable for me to take my course just yet. Come June, we'll have lived in BC for a year, and therfore I'll be eligible for BC student aid. I'll be taking the Medical Transcriptionist course, out of Thompson College in Kamloops. Very excited and looking forward to it!
What else? Since Oma died last month, Mom is considering a trip to Scotland at the start of summer, to visit a friend there, then skipping across to Holland to see some relatives. I hope she goes through with it. Even if it means lisa gets to go on a trip that tina and I dont get to, she's really taken Oma's passing very very hard, and I really feel for her. So I hope she goes to see her friend, as shes feeling very lonely with most of her daughters grown and gone, and her mother and best friend gone now as well. Please keep my mom in your prayers, as I'm doing, as there's not much more I can do from out here.
What else? My birthday is rapidly approaching..22 this year, I think? My last year of freedom! Lol. If all goes according to plan, in 6 months we'll have bought a house, 1 year from now be returning from Italy, and 18 months, hopfully decorating the nursery? But you know what they say about the best laid plans ;) So far though, we've been able to stick to what we wanted from this move quite well, as far as buying what, when, and all that jazz. Setting up our life, yada yada.
Well, Rob's setting up our nightly movie, so I'd better wrap this up. Hope you're all doing well!


Blogger Allison said...

Hey hon! So glad to see a post on one of our SSS! Glad to hear things are going so well! I'm sorry to hear about your Oma and know that your mother is in my prayers. We all love you and hope for the ultimate best for you.

7:19 AM  
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