Friday, May 07, 2010


So Rollie came through!! I've been trying to get a family doctor for about 6 months now - not only have I NEVER had one - save growing up, I mean since getting married I've never had one - So thats what, 4 1/2 years since I graduated, and I've never had a Doctor?
Unfortunately there is an EXTREME shortage of family Doctors in PG, and NONE are taking on new patients - there has been hundreds of complaints and letters sent to the newspaper, one from me as well!
I swear I've cold-called every Drs office in PG by now. I'd even, as absolutely horrible as it is, started watching the obits for people to thank the Drs so I could try them. The referal I got from the walk-in clinic didn't pan out, but why should it when hundreds of other people are trying to get a Doctor as well?
I am so fortunate that my mother in law is a nurse, she'd talked to a Dr like a year ago, and he said he'd take me on. So she reminded him yesterday that he'd said that, and he was still willing to take me on, even though hes not "officially" taking patients. So I called his office, his secretary was a bit leery of my story, but I bet people have tried something like that before "Oh ya I talked to him, he said it was ok and he'd take me on"
So I have a Drs appointment in 3 weeks - sure thats a long wait, but I'm just so darn happy to finally HAVE a family Dr! Now I can get my flippin PCOS addressed and the necessary meds, and we can start thinkin babies!
We've been married 4 1/2 years now, and once everything works out with the house, (cuz everything WILL work out this time, it HAS to! Karma owes us lol) so its about time, I think mom and dad are getting anxious for grandbabies, since Tina's relationship is too early for young 'uns and Lisa's nowhere near a relationship, its up to me and Rob!! lol.
Life is good!


Blogger Allison said...

Glad to hear it girl! But before you get preggo, you have to come out in August for our amazing girls only camping trip!

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