Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Beginning

So, for anyone who hasn't heard, I passed my course!! And with an 85%, no less!!! This is very big, as it will enable me to get a much better paying job, which Rob and I were looking at; will allow us to buy a house. Yes, it's time, our little mobile is almost paid off, we've made lots of improvements to it but it's just too small now. But yeah, one step at a time, first Sarah has to get the good paying job. Step one.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

Ok, so here's my thought for the day (which Brynne already knows, as I was whining to her about it)

I was having a bad day. Had a nasty woman complain in the morning and actually reported me to my superior, second day of transit in a row so I was tired, not to mention being violently ill this morning. (No, no babies lol)

Anyways, so kinda in a poopy mood. This guy comes in, he's a nice guy, I recognise him. He tells me how he can't claim his monthly bus passes on his tax, because he doesn't have the receipts for them. So I printed out a bunch of receipts and wrote a professional looking note to go with them, vouching that he did indeed buy them at the right time for the whole price blah blah. He left and came back with two chocolate bars, he said as a thank you "for being so nice" !! That just bowled me over. Not just the chocolate, which in itself is awesome, but just the thought, the act itself. Every time I work transit I see how mean, selfish, selfserving people can be. This person reminded me that they can also be kind, thoughtful, and considerate.

Thank you, David Roziere.