Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Go

Well, I'm at work at the moment, doing a lovely awake night shift (that is total and pure sarcasm, by the way.)
It's 2 am and I have 6 more long hours to go (and stay awake to boot lol) so I figured it's a good time to write. Cuz I tried studying during my shift last night, and I honestly started nodding off! So none of that tonight.
Bob and Rollie (the inlaws) went down to Kelowna last weekend, as I wrote last time..and good/bad news, they've decided not to do it. The company interested in hiring Bob wasn't willing to negotiate anything (wage, vacation time etc) and what they were offering was like where he was 20 years ago. Not willing to take such a huge step back, and his EI has loads of time anyways, he's not feeling the squeeze to lower himself to taking it.
So, that means they'll be staying in PG. Which is nice, cuz I WONT move to Kelowna, and Rob won't consider moving back to MB. He was pondering it last week, but he changed his mind lol. So we're back to square one, what we'd both agreed on, that we're staying in PG at least for the time being.
There is a hamburger commercial it looks so good. Mmmm.
Cept I cant have it :'( well I can have the burger, just not the bun. I found out I have insulin issues, as well as insulin-resistant muscles (which makes it worse) so I have to follow a strict diet. I have to eat according to the "glycemic index" of a food (aka how fast it breaks down for insulin to metabloise). No junkfood, sugar, refined carbs (white bread, potatoes, rice etc) just lots of veggies, select fruits, and protien. I've been eating this way for almost 4 months now, and have lost 22 lbs so far. It's been much slower the last couple months, but as long as it doesn't go the other way, I'm happy lol. I'm 4 lbs away from my second goal (my first was 6lbs ago) which is my wedding weight of 4 years ago!! So needless to say I'm pleased with my self discipline.

Anyways, enough for now, get back to my chores =p

Thursday, February 18, 2010

House (& Life) Decisions

Hi guys,
I haven't updated in forever because for the most part, things are still the same. I still work at AimHi with handicapped people, Rob still works where he work, we still live with my in-laws.
But. Since my father in law got laid off about 6 months ago, they've been thinking what to do, since they have a mortgage and car payments and whatnot. So, over the past couple weeks he's been communicating with a company in Kelowna who's interested in hiring him. A lot of details still have to be worked out, but He and Mother in law are down there for the weekend, to see what the city looks like, check out some for-sale houses, etc.

That poses a problem for us.

We've been trying to buy a house for about 4 months now. We've looked at probably a dozen with our realtor, and put an offer on a couple. Things never seemed to work out, no matter how much we prepared things before hand, something always fell through. The plumbing turned out to be bad, they declined our offer, the credit bureau changed our rating, you name it. What a nightmare this time around has been, much more different than when we bought our lil trailer in Brandon.

Anyways, so we've been doing the house thing for a while now, it's never far from our mind. If my inlaws decide to go to Kelowna, what then?
Do we move to Kelowna as well, and start all over again?
Do we stay in Prince George, buy whatever house we can get, and stay here alone?
Do we move back to Manitoba?

All our options have some "pros" but are much outweighed by the "cons".
And since this post is massive enough on it's own, I'll write about the "(& Life) " part of whats happenin next time.