Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Nothing new really, I've just been studying studying studying bus routes. My last day of training is tomorrow- I work 9-12 at SF, then 2-7 at the Transit Center. I'm getting my keys and I.D. pass tomorrow ^_^ I'm a little nervous, but I think it'll be okay- I did some phone answering on tuesday, and that to me is the hardest part, so I think I'll be fine. It's actually quite fun working there-and when it's dead, if I'm not going over bus routes, I can read, play on the laptop, buy a lottery's SO much more relaxed there as compared to San Fran. So that's that..we're working on getting another loan so we can buy Rob a new car-that white thing is starting to give up, and it's high time anyways. We're trying to get the 2000 black Tiburon we found, but there's so many people looking at it, we'll see if we get the loan in time :S Oh worries..We're going out to his family's cabin @ Big Whiteshell for the long weekend, woohoo! Exciting. I love the cabin. Oh, and we fixed my car, finally! It's needed it ever since the accident this past winter (rob slid into a curb) we'd fixed only the essential, what it needed to be mobile. Well, we took it in on thursday, they raised it up and said, "Here's your problem" and shook the tire back and forth--sideways. I was like, I've been driving on that?!? But it's fixed now. And we're getting rob a new one, so we'll be all set. Anyways, off to play AOE III with Rob :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I don't think I remembered to mention it in any of my previous posts, so hey, guess what? I bleached Rob's hair a couple days ago, and at the same time, I dyed mine- Blue Black! It's pretty sweet, and actually doesn't look bad on me. So that's cool. Also, I went for some training today. Because the Transit Center sells lottery tickets, I needed training on that, but that's not covered by the city of Brandon, actually Manitoba Lottery is responsible for the training. So I went for a session today (it's actually quite complex :S) And it was with half a dozen other people, ALL of which had been doing it for months BEFORE actually coming to the training. So the pressure to "soak it all up" and remember it all was quite intense, as I was the only one there who had ZERO experience. But! I am now a Ticket Terminal Certified Operator-with a certificate and everything! Can you say resumé addition? Anyways, thats about all that's new here.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Great Day!!

Well! What a WONDERFUL day it's been! Ever have one of those days? (well I sure hope so) where just everything seems to be going right? First off, I got a call this morning from a Carla at Brandon Transit..!!!!!!!!!!:D She apologised, she realised they were supposed to notify on friday who got the job but they had trouble checking out some references-She said, and I quote: "You did an excellent interview, and we'd like to offer you the position". I SAID I felt good about that interview! WOOOOOOOOOT!! My training starts thursday. Also, I talked to Ellen, she's got another girl lined up-a little older this time, she said, so hopefully a little more responsible too (meaning won't quit after the first day) so hopfully she'll be trained in time so I get my long weekend Sat off. And lastly, to complete my splendiferous day, I applied for a credit card a couple weeks ago, and one came in the mail today :D My very first credit card! Very exciting. So thank you to all who've been encouraging and praying for me, it looks like it all worked out :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bad News

I didn't get the job, but by the sounds of it I was a close second. And for the second time in a row, the new girl quit after only a three hour shift. Kinda bummed, because no new girl=Sarah can't get the long weekend off to go to the cabin with Rob=unhappy Rob=unhappy Sarah. What a vicious circle.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


How to compete with Tina's $1.50 raise post...? Just kidding, no competition. Rob got a raise as well, so it looks like everybody's moving up in the world. Me, I'm just working to get minimum wage on my paycheque now...they haven't been paying me that extra fifteen cents, darn it :P This morning I had an interview at the City Hall, for a position of Transit Office Clerk-only one day a week (monday or tuesday) 9 am - 7 pm (long day when there's no bathrooms in the building) but it's $11.88 an hour! And the union is pushing for over 12 now, is what the interviewer lady told me..on the low down, mind you, nothing official. Anyways, I have high hopes that I'll get that job..there's a new girl starting at San Fran tomorrow, meaning my hours will be lessened, and well, less money is not the direction I want to be heading. If I got this job, I'd be making enough there to suppliment my staying at SF. Which I would much rather, combining those 2 instead of a new full time job..sure the hours at San Fran suck, the nights are boring, and I do nothing but complain every day when I get home, but deep down I think I love it. Pretty sure, anyways :P They said they're letting the sucessful applicant (singular, meaning I only have one shot) know on Friday, and could want them to start training as soon as this Saturday. Well hey, I have this Saturday off..the first in uuh how many months? Maybe it's a good sign :) I'll post on Sat if I have good news or not :D