Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas + Momentus Occasion

Hey everyone! Wow okay so it's been what, 9 days since my last post? I'm so insanely sorry for the lack of postage. So here's the update.
1) I'm typing this post, this very first post on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER. lol I feel like Strongbad. "Sarah's new Compy 3000 has many swanky features, and is 3 colors!" lol the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and subwoofer are all metallic blue and black, cept for the monitor and printer, they're white. And the tower is metallic blue and white, so it still fits I guess lol. It's apparently better than the family one, more RAM etc. It excites me to no end, all Christmas afternoon Lisa, Tina and I played Age of Empires 2 with eachother. All 3 of us at once, yeah! Tina hooked her computer up by the main one, and mine is in my room, so yeah! Simple things amuse simple minds, okay? Okay. Moving right along..
2) Going to Rob's tomorrow, yay! Shoot, right, I have to check bus schedules. Not sure how long I'll be there thought..we have loads of fun stuff planned, but my rents are being dumb as to how long they're gonna let me stay.
3) Everyone thinks I'm goth now. Dad is always poking fun at me for apparently being goth, and Grandma gave me a lecture at tonight's Christmas supper about what I'd done to my hair lol.
4) My CD! I've been eat-sleep-breathing the Rasmus since Wednesday. It's great. I'm probably going to shatter the poor thing from never giving it a minute's rest.

Anyways, I think that's all for now! Maybe leave a comment as to what your best gift you received was this year. You've gotta have at least one thing you were really excited about getting, so let me know :)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Momentous Occasion!!

Hey everyone, great news! I finally got around to completing that third Rasmus-inspired picture I've been dieing to do but have had zero spare time to do. So ta da, here is my little trilogy, finally complete!

Take my heart and take my hand
I dont need them any more
The one I love is striking me down on my knees
The one I love
Drowning me in my dreams
The one I love

Over and over again
Dragging me under

She's faded away, away from this world
Lifted like a feather

She's not like the other girls
She lives in the clouds
And talks to the bird
Hopeless little one,

She's not like the other girls I know

Another you and me,
Another revolutionary heavenly romance

Waiting for the last waltz
And so it seems
We won't find a solution
Confusion leads the dance

Waiting for the last waltz.

Funny Songs=Good Times

Good news everyone! There was a tremendous surge in my Christmas Cheer! And I owe it all to a song I heard on the radio, titled..."Walkin Round in Women's Underwear", to the tune of Walkin in a Winter Wonderland. It was so great!! I really encourage anyone and everyone to download it. I also heard one my dad loves, called the 11 Days of Christmas, like the 12 days only a Ukranian version (5 golden rings! ..of kubasa) lol! Anyways, 9 days on the countdown! And Rob's here for the weekend, coming with Tina tomorrow, wOOt wOOt!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Senior Shindig

Yeah, so tonight was the night we did the Christmas Concert at one of the seniors lodges. It went pretty okay :) And I went bowling with the Youth Group as well, I was with Ireen, Allison, Michelle, and Lisa. I won, wOOt wOOt! I had a blast with Ireen in Brandon yesterday, I love that girl! But now I'm SO burned out, like its not even funny. I have school and music to prepare, and math to do, and presents to wrap, I just want to sleep for a month so it's all behind me! I was really psyched and in the Christmas mood for a bit, but now I'm so overwhelmed, it's totally gone. Someone return my christmas cheer! Please!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Happy 20th Birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear poohbear,
Happy birthday to you!
(And many more

Till you're a hundred and four..
Or maybe just ninty ;D )

I love you Rob, and I hope you have a very happy birthday :D