Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas + Momentus Occasion

Hey everyone! Wow okay so it's been what, 9 days since my last post? I'm so insanely sorry for the lack of postage. So here's the update.
1) I'm typing this post, this very first post on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER. lol I feel like Strongbad. "Sarah's new Compy 3000 has many swanky features, and is 3 colors!" lol the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and subwoofer are all metallic blue and black, cept for the monitor and printer, they're white. And the tower is metallic blue and white, so it still fits I guess lol. It's apparently better than the family one, more RAM etc. It excites me to no end, all Christmas afternoon Lisa, Tina and I played Age of Empires 2 with eachother. All 3 of us at once, yeah! Tina hooked her computer up by the main one, and mine is in my room, so yeah! Simple things amuse simple minds, okay? Okay. Moving right along..
2) Going to Rob's tomorrow, yay! Shoot, right, I have to check bus schedules. Not sure how long I'll be there thought..we have loads of fun stuff planned, but my rents are being dumb as to how long they're gonna let me stay.
3) Everyone thinks I'm goth now. Dad is always poking fun at me for apparently being goth, and Grandma gave me a lecture at tonight's Christmas supper about what I'd done to my hair lol.
4) My CD! I've been eat-sleep-breathing the Rasmus since Wednesday. It's great. I'm probably going to shatter the poor thing from never giving it a minute's rest.

Anyways, I think that's all for now! Maybe leave a comment as to what your best gift you received was this year. You've gotta have at least one thing you were really excited about getting, so let me know :)


Blogger Poohbear said...

Hey you, im so excited for you to be here tomorrow...err i mean IS 1:15 am afterall lol. I miss you so much and my Christmas won't be complete and happy until i can hold you in my arms, kiss you and whisper in your ear "I love you". If i had to pick ONE gift that i got as y fav...i wouldn't be able to lol. i got a 19" BLACK monitor (I went from 12 to 19 WOOHOO!!) season one of Buffy and season one of Angel (two of my fav shows ever) Dragonheart DVD, a couple PS2 games which are AWESOME and a pair of VERY warm gloves which is what i wanted because this winter is ridiculously cold!! Anyway, that's about it, going to my uncles tomorrow for the next Christmas bash!, SEE YOU TOMORROW MY LOVE!!!

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