Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cheer for me!

Hey all, I'm in Ste Anne this work with Rob (you know, at that job he keeps complaining about lol) and he's having a Starcraft tournament this weekend, yipee!! I'm SO psyched. And we went to see the Incredibles last night (shhh don't tell my parents lol they'll be jealous) Anyways, I'm very very excited for the tournament, and for Dark Zone too! And any other cool plans Rob might secretly have for this weekend :) Oh, and for anyone that hasn't seen Walking Tall, that movie with the Rock, GO SEE IT. It's awesome! Anyways, that should be enough babbling for today. Heheheh Rob's speaking french with some people here, cool beanos! :D


Blogger Poohbear said...

hehe im glad you had a good time Sweety. I'm sorry Darkzone shut down :( I had no idea it had!
Only 2 more sleeps until your here AGAIN!! I love you SO much!!
Love Rob

4:31 PM  

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