Monday, November 29, 2004

Movie Weekend

Okay so, this past weekend I went to some Safegrad seminar thing in wpg, but when I wasn't sessioning, Rob and I went to see a couple movies, National Treasure and Alexander. National Treasure was all I expected it to be and more, I was so psyched to see that movie and it was really good in the end..produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (or however you spell it) and so of course it'll be amazing. Alexander I thought was okay, Rob didn't like it as much as I. It was dragged a bit, they definetly could've gotten away with making it shorter, but oh well. I thought it was going to be all about some great hero, but I found out that Alexander the Great was only great because..he fought. I really thought there was more to his life that I didn't know, and that's why they were making a movie about him, but no. Nope! Just a lot of fighting, that was the movie. Pansy guys in skirts fighting.


Blogger The_Phat_Kid said...

The only man who could ever look good fighting in a skirt will have to be Brad Pitt, a la Troy. Hee hee.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Poohbear said...

OH GAG! lol. men in skirts? Not my cup of tea thank you :P National Treasure was SO good though. What else would you expect from Jerry Brukheimer??

10:19 AM  

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