Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh ya, p.s.

I forgot to mention 3 things:

1) My 5 year wedding anniversary is in like 3 weeks!
I dont know what I want to do to celebrate.. if I hadn't been so tied up in the house lately I think it would have been on my mind a lot more.

2) Flippin Doctors.
-I went to see my Dr, who gave me a referral to a specialist.

-I went back two weeks later for some test results, it was a different Dr. She made some calls and found out my wait time would be approx 8 months. She gave me a referral to a different specialist.
-Specialist #2 was scheduled to see me Aug. 9th. She called Aug 8th to cancel, and rescheduled me for the next week, Aug 16th.
-She called Aug 15th to cancel again, and said we wouldnt reschedule.
-I called my Dr Aug 23rd, asking if I could get a different referral.
-I called again Sept 10th to see if I had been given a new referral, since I hadn't heard anything yet. (When I was referred to specialist #2, I got a call within days.)
-I was told "I'm on the specialist's list now, it's out of our hands." I fear I've been referred back to specialist #1, who has a wait time of 8 months.
-Would've been nice to give Rob some good news for our anniversary, but noooo. Doctors are dumb, and I'm very frustrated.

3) I have an amazing husband. He is funny and caring..he is putting his all into making this house perfect for me. He has never made me feel like I'm less of a woman for my PCOS, or that it's my fault in any way that we dont have any kids yet. He is incredibly supportive and understanding. We still talk for long periods of time and goof around, after all these years. He gets me.
I am a lucky woman.


Blogger Allison said...

Firstly, let me say-I noticed the big anniversary was coming and I'm tres excited for you-and for your new house...also, things will work out fine with the doctors; hopefully, the wait will all be worth it, especially if you want children. I love you and miss you!

7:31 AM  

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