Monday, September 25, 2006

October 1st

As you all should remember, a very special event happened about a year ago, on Oct 1st, 2005. What event? Rob and I got married, sillies! Yes, our one year wedding anniversary is this weekend. To celebrate, we're kenneling the dog for the weekend, and taking a trip to Regina. We decided not to get eachother sentimental gifts, but instead something practical and something we both need-so we're buying eachother new winter jackets.. lol..honeymoon's over :P (Just kidding!) True, the dog can get annoying, work tiring, keeping bills straight a hassle, but all in all this year has been one of the best in my life. Anyways, I have other things I should be doing (I'm @ transit right now) so ..caio!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stock Came In Yesterday

95 boxes. Oh yeah, I remember now.......


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's That Time Again!

Hello hello! That's right, we're gearing up for yet another year of Halloween fun at San Fran. We're getting our first shipment on monday, about 95 boxes, then another 60 a week later. Apparently we were supposed to have gotten two shipments already, and that the 95 is supposed to be our third wave, but I dunno..I didn't really have time to ask Ellen about it, she was calling from some Manager's meeting there. But she's back tomorrow, then the real fun starts; reshelving, assembling boxes, packing up all the summer stuff...yup, I'm glad I have to work transit until monday-then I miss all the prepping, and just get the fun part of unpacking all the cool new costumes. Our plan is for Ellen and I to be pimps, and then the skinny girls like Roberta, Lorena, and Linsey will be our hoes :P heehee..well linsey's really..meek? But I know wild horses couldn't stop Roberta lol. Anyways, as horrible as it was last year, the closer it gets, the more excited I get. Just watch, I'll get in on monday, see all those boxes, and be like, "oh yeah. I remember now. Crap." But for now, I blissfully don't clearly remember last year, so it's all good. Anyways, I'm so psyched I'm posting one of the costumes we sold last year..isn't he adorable?!? ^_^

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Yeah, so after a successful first go at singing in our new Brandon church, Tina and I are slotted to do another special music this coming sunday =D....slightly unfortunately, it's with Albert. Not that I have anything against the man, but..Tina and I sound good together, soprano and alto, our voices have always blended nicely. Throw in a male opera singer-wannabe (ok so maybe that's a bit harsh..he has a nice voice, but I find it a little overdone for my taste) anyways, he's kind of ..involved himself, and put in a way we couldn't say no. At first I didn't mind but now..I dunno. Am I being selfish for wanting it to be just me and Tina? I mean, it's all done in worship, but I do find I kind of resent the man. Ever since I joined the church (same time as Tina) Tina and I have done everything the same-both been on the Christmas choir, etc. Yet! Albert asked Tina to be on the worship team with him, not me. Several times. I was put as the substitute. And when Tina couldn't make a worship team sunday? He didn't even call me! Ouch! The only reason I was actually put on the worship team was because a nice lady asked why I wasn't, and if I wanted to, then was like, "Leave it to me ;)" Poof! Suddenly on the worship team. Thank you nice lady. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at Tina an ounce, but Alfred made me feel kind of unwanted, like when given a choice, he'd picked Tina over me. That hurts. So when Tina and I decided to do something and now he wants in on MY thing? Well he didn't include me first, it ruffles my feathers to have him insinuate himself onto my space. Anyways, this wasn't intended to be a post complaining about anyone, I guess I kind of got carried away. Feels good to get that out of my system.
Hey, and something else! Rob and I were on the way to the movie theater tonight to see The Covenant (very good! Highly recommend!) and as we were going down that hill in front of the sportsplex, there were some kids on the sidewalk, and one kind of stepped onto the street. "Watch out for those kids," I said. "I see them," Rob replied, as the kid stepped back onto the sidewalk. All of a sudden, just before we were right on top of them, the three kids ran into the street, without even looking! Rob SLAMMED on his brakes (and I do mean slammed), honked, and yelled out the window at them. They froze (in the street no less, and with oncoming traffic not too far) looked at us, and kept going. Just like that! I had my hand on my heart because it scared me so the time we drove a block, I was bawling. It was just so close! If Rob hadn't been specifically watching for them to step into the street, I have no doubt in my mind we'd have run into them, maybe even run them over. And that thought scared me so much, I couldn't control it-I cried and cried. Felt silly afterwards, but I guess the shock of what almost had happened was too much. I'm okay now :) anyways, I think it's about sleeptime, since I have to be at the church by 9 for one more runthrough. With Albert. Glurg.