Monday, February 26, 2007

Life As I See It

So, since my last post, I got my midterm back. I passed! Technically. At the start of the course my prof said that the passing mark is supposedly 70%...but really its 50%. They'll still pass you if you have a 69% or a 51%. Anyways! I got 62% on my midterm. So far I've written 6 quizes and my average mark in those is 94%. Unfortunatly, the quizes only weigh 10% of my mark, where the midterm is 25% and the final is 50%. So I'd better do dang good on that final =D Either way though, a pass is a pass, and so far Sarah's still in the running!
I went to Shar's baby shower yesterday (Shar is Roberta's sister) I got to see Lorena again, which was nice, havn't seen that woman in forever. Anyways, they made my hold baby Charles (isnt that the cutest name for a baby?!) I warned them that I'd either freak out and be scared of breaking him (i've never held a baby that I remember) either that, or I'd love it so much I'd be like, I want one!!! And well..I didn't break him. He didnt even cry or anything, he was SO FREAKING CUTE!!! So. Sigh. I give up! Whenever we can afford to have children, I concede defeat. He was so adorable, I want one too.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Triangle of Questions

What could be so bad that it makes people forget they're talking to another human being? Do they think I like getting reamed out for things not in my control?

Am I a loser for only posting on the days I work transit?

How much longer until I can get a new job?

Will I pass my midterm this Saturday?

Why is it so darn cold in here?

Should I be studying? Yes.

Will I do it after work? No.

Why? World of Warcraft.

Am I crazy? Yes.

Are you?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hey everyone..bored at work, so I whipped up a myspace just for the heck of it. Please join, make a profile, and be my friend! it's . I look so lonely. Well, I am. According to myspace I only have one friend. That's pretty lonely. So yeah. Have I told you all about WOW? Love it. Love it love it love it. It is my latest, and worst, obsession to date. I get home from work and go straight to the computer. I push bedtime an hour, even two, just to get in more play time. Same with Rob lol. At least we're in the same guild and we can play with eachother and help eachother out. Yeah I think I mentioned this in the last post..I probably did, knowing how obsessed i am. Anyways, I'm at transit and I actually have some real work to do, so I'd better get to it. Only an hour till I start closing LOL >_<>