Friday, August 20, 2010

Much Excitement

So, obviously, we got the house.

Now what?

Well, like every other house we'd put an offer on, we planned out our layouts, decor, renovations, and all other such things that get your hopes up. So we knew exactly what we wanted.

We started by tearing out a bunch of thing that bothered us (and I'm not sure why, but it just did) was the four different lights in the kitchen. Or, randomly placed lights, I should say. I'm sure the fan light was above the dining table, but that must have looked odd next to the chimney pipe sticking three feet down out of the ceiling (which we tore out too, thank goodness) We also tore out the weird boards in the bathroom, its like they made their own florescent light box..weird.

The master bedroom only needs one more coat to be done, then we can use the dropclothes in the bathroom, then all it will need is the new floor put down, the rest of the bathroom work is done.

The kitchen is actually where we're focusing our renos, and it definetly needs it. Not only was it
1. Laid out stupidly - half the cupboards + stove on one half of the room, half the cupboards + fridge on the other,

2. In need of repairs - the kitchen sink was unusable, as none of the plumbing pipes were attached! Or they were calked, or siliconed, or puttied, or cracked, I'm surprised they didn't try ducttape too. But perhaps most importantly..
3. They were GREEN. All the cupboard doors, and the countertop (they PAINTED the countertop) were a SEAFOAM GREEN. It looked like hippy vomit. In a kitchen. Urg.

But sosososo luckily, Mom and Dad came out from MB, so Dad is able to give Rob a guiding hand on all the repairs (Ok, so Dad did all the plumbing on Wed when Rob was at work lol) But really, between the two of them, they're getting a lot accomplished. They do all the renos (rewiring, plumbing, carpentry) while Mom and I are painting. Not only because I have no idea how to do most of what they're doing, or the tools they're using, but there's a LOT to paint.

But right now the main concern is getting things functional and winter-ready.. Rob and I can make it pretty on our own time, we might as well make use of Dad while he's here lol. Lightswitches moved, replacing windows, building the fence, man I can't imagine if we had to do all this on our own. Which I guess is kind of the point of buying the house, to be on our own, but you know what I mean. Thank goodness for family.

Also, Lisa came out with them (I actually managed to get a moody teenager to paint for an hour, omg!) which is nice, since once they head back, she'll be moving to Brandon to attend ACC, and I imagine she'll have grown up considerably when I see her next.

Mom and Dad will be packing and moving and renovating as well, once they get back to MB. They sold their house, and are "downsizing" to the other one. Why not, since they're empty nesters now? At least renovating will keep them busy for a while, although I imagine the silence will become quite deafening after not too long. So, they should be taking care of their own renos, but instead they're here helping us? And to top it all off, Mom's got osteoartheritis in her back, so she should be taking it easy and playing Supervisor, but she's determined to help as well. Yes, I know, I was quite humbled as well. I have the most amazing parents in the world.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. is our court date! There are two possible outcomes:

1) Nothing out of the ordinary, everything goes smoothly, no one comes to outbid us and we win the house. We get the keys, I go roll on the floors and giggle. The whole long nightmare will be behind us, we send our realtor a bottle of wine for sticking through this, and we are new homeowners. Or.

2) Some other potential buyers come to the courtroom, and bid higher than our offer. We lose. I cry. We think about our future.

So hopefully everything goes smoothly- if no one comes to outbid us, in a mere twelve hours we could own a beautiful 3 bedroom home!