Friday, April 21, 2006

Fun Strath Day

Yay for seeing Drama and yay for seeing Janna :) That about sums it up. We were a little afraid that Rob's car was going to die on us on the way in (soon! SO soon we're getting him a new car! Can't wait!!) but we made it to Strath just in time. The production was excellent, I loved the scene with all the colorful hippie costumes, and that "Those Canan Days" song-my two favorite parts. I desperately wish I could have been in this play! All the singing and dancing and cool costumes...sigh. Then we booked it to Janna's afterwards, which was the first time seeing her in a year! Got to see all her Africa pictures, very cool. I'm honestly surprised you're not in more of a funk, janna..I know I would be. Or maybe you're funking over something or someone else, so your Africa funk isn't as bad. That's my theory. Then I ran into Brynne and Janna on my lunchbreak (Janna overload, I know :P) lol. They were nice enough to sit with me and watch me eat lol all in all a very good day..very boring day at work though. I did talk to the cutest little old lady I've ever met though! Oh I could've eaten her up, she was SO cute. And so friendly. Unfortunately the guy I'm SO sure is Matthew Ewashko didn't come in today to pick up more knives like he said he was going to-maybe he'll come in tomorrow, so I can embarrass myself by finding out he's totally not who I think he is. Yeah. Worship team practice tomorrow, woot! And Rob FINALLY has a sunday off, so he can come to church with me! Second sunday he's had off since we moved to Brandon, with the exceptions of weekends he gets off to go to wpg. So that'll be nice, people will be reminded as to who my other half is. Can't wait till payday, my cheque's gonna be niiiice. Only because my last one was tinily pathetic (tinily? tiny-ly?) so it's making up for it. And I darn well better get 7.60 on it, minimum wage has gone up, darn it! I havn't gotten it on the last two cheques, but I keep telling myself that's because they're paying me for the hours I worked before min wage went up. Well, no excuses any more, I'll be spitting mad if I don't get my extra ten cents an hour!!! (thats right, spitting. Huck ptewy.) Those people are dirty too...I was 4 months overdue for my raise, and they finally gave me one..two weeks before the min wage went up. Cheap!!! But what can I do? They did give me a raise, even though it was almost half a year late (grumble grumble) I pity anyone who's read all this, because there's absolutely nothing in here worth reading-I should go to bed, my brain's going a mile a minute. As this post goes to show. Rob bought me 4 cream eggs when he went grocery shopping today. Yum ^_^ Yeah, I'm working hard to make money, and while I'm working , he goes and spends it. Just kidding though-I was taking pickles for lunch ..we needed groceries lol. Stop reading now, do something useful! Or even worth while! Arrrg I need sleep..............


Blogger The_Phat_Kid said...

You rock my socks! Man it was sweet seeing you yesterday!
Matthew Ewashko? Holy! Thats old stuff!! ha ha.
Well enjoy your cream eggs. I miss Terrell.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Big Mac mama said...

I officially declare that the bestest and most random post ever. Congratulations.

10:16 PM  
Blogger The_Phat_Kid said...

Oh my gosh, read this guy's blog. I cried!!
He needs lots of prayers!

10:58 PM  

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