Saturday, March 18, 2006


Yeah, I'm tempted to take the easy way out and do another "My feet hurt." post, but I do have the energy for more than a one line post this time. But my feet do hurt.
So what to post about? I had an interview at Futureshop lined up for friday, but unfortunately the dude that they'd scheduled to do it had something come up, and the other girl they get to do interviews worked friday and saturday, same days and hours as me. So they're going to call first thing monday morning to reschedule. Still havn't heard anything from Value Village, but I guess thats for the best since I've decided to go with Futureshop anyways. Most probably better pay, and all I have to do is sell,sell,sell. As opposed to a San-Fran-like mix of selling and labor like reshelving items etc. At Futureshop, apparently that's a whole nother department. I know what you're thinking..nother isnt a word. Bite me.

So yeah, I almost killed Colleen today. She was (being her weird self) bugging Linsey and I about liking chicken, saying stuff like just agree Sarah, you like chicken. Weirded out, I agreed. I guess she got that I didn't understand, so she explained she was referring to how we liked the "funky chicken". How was I supposed to take that? I, in my innocent little mind, thought she meant the dance, also called the funky chicken. Which made me think of that time in California I did the macarana and funky chicken etc in front of an entire campground. So once that all flashed through my mind, I replied to Colleen, "Don't even get me started. I once did the funky chicken in front of an entire campground." Well! Colleen and Linsey started HOWLING with laughter, scared some customers I'm sure, and it took them well over 5 minutes (i kid you not) to be able to breathe enough to explain the joke. So for the rest of the day they called me chicken, and would say stuff to eachother (with me in earshop) like, Hey Colleen, what are you having for supper? ...chicken? etc etc etc. What a day.
I'll never say chicken in their presence again.


Blogger axana said...

Hey, guess what I had for supper last night?

LOL jj!!!

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