Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Finally, not only something to post about, but something good to post about! No, wonderful! Splendiferous! Obviously the only thing that would make me this happy is the one even I've been hoping for: Jocelyn's been fired!!! That's right, you read correctly. Not just fired, but fired on the SPOT yesterday! And a new manager was hired today, her name is Ellen. I havn't met her and I don't work with her until tomorrow, but Colleen says she's super nice. And plus, is it a bad thing to know more than your boss? Teehee ^_^ just kidding..we're gonna help her learn the ropes. But I mean, how great is that?! Very great! The one and only thing that bursts my bubble though, is the fact that Jocelyn's all like "Now we can be friends, since it's not Boss-Employee any more." ....How do I tell her (nicely)..that I don't want to be her friend? I hate..well hate is a strong word, but pretty appropriate..dislike her strongly! Honestly, she offends me in many ways, and is NOT the kind of person I want to associate with. Trust me, if you knew her, you could tell right away she (at least to me) is not the kind of person you want in your circle of friends.

And I don't freaking want to go to the bar with you, so STOP ASKING!! Take a hint!!

There. I'm done. Work's only going uphill from here ^_^


Blogger axana said...

w00t w00t no more Jocelyn!! Good to hear they found a new manager so quickly. In all honesty, I hope she's a little bit older than Jocelyn...

And yah - who wants to hang out with a former boss? Not only that, who wants to hang out with a former boss who has insulted your religion?

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