Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yeah, nothing new to report whatsoever. Work is SO slow because there's not a thing that needs to be done (never thought I'd ever say..well type..those words) With Jocelyn there was always something that needed doing. With Ellen, we actually have that extra pair of hands that Jocelyn was supposed to be, so the whole store just looks so fabulous and shoppable! It's amazing how many customers I've had tell me that they can see a huge difference in the store, and they want to know why lol. Cuz Ellen's the bomb =D that must be it. It makes life so much easier to get along with your boss, you have no idea. Anyways, because it's getting close to Valentines Day, the company requires that there's a little more staff on than normal. Yet..we don't have a lot of Valentines sales, so we have twice as many people with nothing to do. Linsey and I were both on for 8 hour shifts yesterday, and were bored out of our minds! Then we both had 5 hour shifts today, and I swear-time has never moved slower. The whole store was cleaned, priced, dusted (twice lol we were getting desperate) signed, swept, mopped, I mean the whole shabang. We had NOTHING to do. So Linsey and I wore funny hats and she cruised around the store on a scooter for like 2 hours straight. While I laughed. Anyways, wow what a huge post about boring nothingness! So here's something entertaining: We just got back from seeing the Pink Panther in theaters, and its FUNNY!! Steve Martin is hilarious! I highly recommend it: Even the trailer is good.



Blogger axana said...

I dislike Steve Martin and I hate Pink Panther. You have as much chance of me seeing it as with seeing Doom... mind you, i did end up seeing Doom, but that was only cuz Cody did a puppy-dog face :P

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