Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Weekend

Yay!! After working 7 days straight, I finally get a day off!! Yeah I know it's no big deal, Rob does it all the time..but for little old lazy Sarah? Comon people. Anyways, the only reason I had to work all week was both because it's approaching Easter, so we're required to have more people on per day, AND because Linsey was writing her exams this week, leaving the other 3 of us to cover the normal and extra hours. I couldn't believe it either, she tried to get out of working today! When she didn't show up at 1:30, I called her. She claimed she didn't know she was supposed to work today, and because she didn't know, she didn't want to have to come in. I was a little ticked about that...we've covered all week for her. So now she complains about having to come in for a shift that she was scheduled to work? I think not. Get your butt to work, just like the rest of us. Anyways, that's my work rant for today. That and Ellen was an hour late, even though she called 1/2 hour ahead and said she'd be late because she was stuck behind a train. She's used the train excuse before. I just don't even care any more. Okay, work rant complete. This coming thursday, we're going out to Strath to see the drama production, Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat, or something along those lines. SO psyched!! Yup. Today we bought one of those standing, over-the-toilet cabinets from Walmart. Little on the expensive side, but real purdey. Rob's had to fight to make it fit though-it's like a milimeter too wide, eep! But he's a smart one, he got it to work. Anyways, we rented a game from BB and the guys are waiting on me. Gotta run :)
p.s. Select paperbacks at Value Village sell for .33 cents plus tax. Forbidden Flavors (The Ice Cream/Used Book Store on 18th) apparently buys paperbacks for $3.00 a piece, with which you can use towards ice cream purchases, coffee, or store credit. So, since I have a dozen books I bought from VV that I'm done with, I think I'll wander down to FF :P


Blogger Allison said...

Cheap books are a deal! Especially when the world wouldn't be right without them

8:39 AM  
Blogger Brynne said...

Sweet deal with the books. I totally have a million that I don't ever read anymore. ICE CREAM HERE I COME! =P

9:55 PM  

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