Friday, February 11, 2005

My poor "chops"!!!

OW my mouth!! It hurts!! The whole entire time I was there I wanted to run home and put on my retainer..after like 8 hours of solid playing, I swear I could feel my teeth moving every time I put my piccolo to my mouth. Yeah, and I'm on piccolo for every single song because guess what? I'm the only one!! I am the ONLY one playing my part. Ever. So needless to say it's been a challenge. But after our flute sectionals today I stayed behind for a couple mins to go over some piccolo parts with the flute instructor, and that cleared it all up. Yay :) And Rob will be here in like an hour or two, so yay :) lol the conductor kept calling our mouths "chops", it was funny. And you'd think that sitting and playing is not hard work, but I came home and like my legs gave out from underneath me, I was THAT exhausted. I've never been this tired in my life. So I'm just going to laze until Rob gets here. And hun, if I told you what I put on my postcard, it wouldn't be a secret, now would it? It's supposed to be something no one else knows :P but maybe if you send in one too I might give you some hints or something. : )
p.s. Doncha just love this gross salmon color? Hey, its better than poopy brown and pukey mustard yellow that I've used before. Be happy.


Blogger Poohbear said...

You were amazing at your concert Sweety!!! Im so proud of you! And yes i know its supposed to be a secret, but are you forgetting the promise we made to each other? :( No screts, no excpetions. Remember? I love you so much Sweetepie! See you in 5 days :D:D

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